Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspirational Quotes about love and life

Today i came across some quotes that i thought you would like. I like quotes cause sometimes i cant explain what im feeling and i find quotes can say what i'm feeling the best. They can relate to such a broad spectrum of people. These are just some of the quotes i really liked enjoy!

As a person who like change and new experiences i can relate to this quote.


This is why i like to be the under dog, the feeling of proving someone wrong is amazing

Been told this, stand by this and i think its true

I had to throw a funny quote in here. But i here this so often by soo many guys i think i might use this line. HAHA

Im not a crier but this makes so much sense

Beautiful, if only more people thought this way

As a Canadian i agree with this 110%

I think everyone at some point in there life has felt like this

Explains fashion in 3 simple lines

DISNEY <3 p="p">


This quote says it all

Its all a part of love, that everyone goes throught

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