Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glitter Gradient nail design

I've been seeing the gradient everywhere so I decided to try it out. Honestly i liked the darker colour better too bad the picture doesn't show how good it design turned out. Damn Ipod touch camera, its the best I have though. WELL i hoped you enjoy the look and stay tuned for makeup reviews, book reviews, more food and nail designs.

Homemade Fish O' Filet

What she order? . . . FISH FILET!!
Lol that's from a Kanye west song for those who don't know.
That's what I was thinking when I re- created a healthier version of the McDonalds fish o' filet. This was really fun and simple to make and the best part was it tasted amazing

PS. This week is really busy with end of term papers, projects and exams so i wont be able to make posts during this time. THANKS!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gift Wrapped Nail Design

This was my Christmas nail design for the holidays. All of my friends and teachers loved it and it matched my holiday spirit. I really liked the idea of gift wrapped nail design.Even though this is late I hope you enjoy it!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little Bit of Everything Nail Design

I found one of my older nail design pics i did back in the summer. I never really put this up anywhere but one of my favorite designs i did was the arrow on the thumb finger, index finger was polka dots, middle finger was symmetrical, ring finger was a drip and pinky finger was cheetah print (too bad you cant see the colour better) Anyway it was a random set of designs I did so ENJOY! :) 

Book Review: The Replacement

Book: The Replacements
Author: Brenna Yovanoff
Stars: 5 out of 5

It took me two tries to get the book and only a week to finish it. This book was very confusing in the beginning because it starts by talking about things that i never heard off. Like when you start listening in the middle of a conversation - your very confused. But anyways the main character was pretty good, a very likable person.
They story takes place in Gentry where things happen but people don't like to talk about it. Every seven years a baby it stolen to sacrifice and a replacement is given, which normally dies after a couple months because it is not used to the life of a up worlder. These replacements are like the devils creatures - ugly and beautiful all at once, but creepy as well. The story starts off with our main character Mackie Doyle and he is at the verge of death because he was a replacement and all replacements weakness is steel and iron. To help him survive you gets the help from the House of Mayhem which he never knew existed. Through them he discovers another world and tries to figure out which world he really belongs too.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Out with the ladies at Cafe Demetre

Recently went out with the ladies to cure our sweet tooth. I've been told that that it is a really cool place, not to expensive and the desserts taste really good. We decided to try this out. In the end we left as happy feed ladies, who got great service and were hyper off of a sugar rush. If you're ever in Toronto try this place out it's called Cafe Demetre.
I got the O.C Oreo milkshake it was amazing and ever since that milkshake I've never tried one that taste that great.

My friend got this. Its Hot Cocoa and a strawberry chocolate crepe. 

This is what the inside of the place looks like.

And my other friend got Hot Apple Cider and a a strawberry short cake dessert. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pokeball Nail Design

I thought what better than to have one of my fav childhood shows conbined with one of my passions!! And out came this nail design, OF POKEBALL I liked it so did all my friends even guys.
this was really easy and fun to do plus you can make the pokeball however you like, and this is just one idea i got from the show. :)
I used any red I could find, white and black nail art polish for this.
Try this out and tell me how it goes. If you like this I shall put more of my nail designs up.

Book Review: My Soul To Take # 1(Soul Screamers)

Book: My Soul To Take
Author: Rachel Vincent
Stars: 4 out of 5

My soul to take, i didn't know what to expect never the less banshees. its something different that paranormal books haven't done yet until now.

Kaylee cavanaugh has a premonition that a girl is going to die a night she goes to a club.She meets the cutest guy that goes to her school named Nash, but she also sees a girl who has a shadow covering her. She's seen this before and thinks the girl is going to die but she cant warn anyone cause if she opens her mouth she will start to wail uncontrollable.
 Little does she know this will open up a whole new world to her.

She discovers that she not human, the hottest guys is school is not human either, her entire family has been keeping secrets from her and there's someone going after young girls taking there souls.

As Kaylee learns about what she is she unlocks more than she bargained for like grim reapers, the netherworld, death, souls and much more dark creatures. All in just a week!!! How much more can she take?

The book had very gripped storyline and totally different from the usual paranormal stories I've read.

Book Review: Sister's Red

Book: Sister's Red
Author: Jackson Pearce
Stars: 4 out of 5
I liked this book it took a classic fairytale and gave it a modern spin. The story involves thress characters that are all linked by Fenris(wolves. Each have there own reason behind hunting them and each have a different reason how helping each other. Scarlett is the oldest sister who put her life in jeopardy to save her younger sister, as a result she has gained a passion of hunting and is marred by wolf attacks and is missing an eye. Rosie her younger sister feels she is in debt to her older sister for saving her life and as a result she learns to hunt and tries to gain the same passion as her sister but wonders if there is something more. She also starts to fall in love with her sisters partner but is afraid of what this might do to the dynamics of the group. Silas is the woodsmans son who is falling in love with Rosie, he is also scarletts partner for hunting.
Togther they try to uncover the mystery of the wolves and the "potential" which all the wolves are hunting for. 
It was a great read slow in some parts but picks up and takes you on a great adventure into a unknown mythical side of the real world.

I'm Back + Whats New

After a looonngg hiatus i'm back.
How was your New Years and Happy 2012! I have a feelings its going to be a good year :)
To be honest i got bored of blogger but lately i've realised its a new year why not start again and restart my fire and love for blogging. There's been a lot of changes since the last time and im now on goodreads. On goodreads i review and rate books, so check me out there at Chrissy <3 Dev (thats my user). Sine the last blog, i have graduated high school, i plan to travel soon and there a lot more im experiencing and growing as a person.
My song of the moment or for the past 3 months has been rihanna we found love
i have a lot of stuff to post so watch out for that!
till then :)