Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nautical Sailor Nails

AHOY! How time flies its crazy! When i first started this blog i was still in high school wondering about my future and about the decisions i would make. What University to go to? What jobs can i get? What program/degree? 
Since then life hasn't slowed down by its OK i take everything in stride. These days i learnt how to time manage and some what grow up because lets be honest everyone is a kid at heart.

These nails are actually from last summer (completely forgot to put them up . . oops). They are my take on nautical sailor nails (i even had an outfit to go with these nails. How awesome is that!?!) 
They were very simple to recreate and a lot of fun, plus they are girly and you are sure to get compliments on these bad boys. The beads are actually from the dollar store.
ENJOY!! and Thanks for reading! :)