Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple healthy snack: Pico de Gallo & Pita

One of my favorite and simple snacks is Pico de Gallo. It's a symphony of flavours from red onion to the plum tomatoes and hint of lemon juice. I like this best of a piece of fish for dinner. During the day it make a delicious dip with pita. 
Pico de Gallo consist of avocado, salt, pepper, red onions, plum tomatoes, jalapenos and a squeeze of lemon juice. 
This is now one of my dads favourite "salad" like meals, enjoy and try this recipe out for yourself. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taking It Easy

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go outside. At least that's what I'm doing since it feels like we have 9 months of winter and 2 months of summer if we're lucky in Canada. After a jog in Cedervale ravine I laid back and relax to take in my view. Be one with nature and enjoy the beauty of the day. What a  better way to spend the day than looking up at the blue skies and sunshine it's natures natural stress reliever (if you're stressed - city can do that to you). I know some people go shopping but in my opinion this is a cheaper better way of therapy then shopping. Below are some of the scenes from early this morning ENJOY :) 

The dreadful stairs, try running up that 10 times. Its a killer 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Greek Food Anyone?

With my lack of job comes a lack of money. As times become more rough and a little crappy I've had to become more creative with what I do have. As my weekly Sunday meals go I've was feeling something different besides the pasta or Asian recipes I usually try.
Long awaited I finally tried my culinary hand at Greek food. Surprisingly it turned out well and was actually quite simple too. I used ingredients that I already had in the fridge. The only difference is I had pulled pork with my rice pilaf and roasted potatoes.For this recipes simplicity is best. Its all about the seasoning and taste which I've learnt from watching WAAY too much Chef Ramsey shows.

Below is my Sunday meal I cooked, it tasted pretty much the same as Jimmy the Greek and Mr. Greek that i buy in the mall food courts.

Thanks for reading enjoy my post and tell what you think. :)
Rice Pilaf, roasted potatoes with tzatziki and pulled pork


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Nude, Aqua and Mix Mojito

Recently went out and i decided to treat myself to something. Joe Fresh has cute nail polishes that are 3 for $10 and are amazing quality. I haven't been feeling like myself so this was something small to cheer me up. These colour are very opaque pastel and cute for the spring and summer season.

Nude is a very complimenting colour for my skin, neutral yet sophisticated. 2 coats shown here.

Aqua like its name a bright pastel fun baby blue, cute for the summer. 2 coats shown here.

My sisters nails. This is Mix Mojito, a light mint colour. 2 coats are shown here.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy :)