Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Love easy and simple breakfast. This morning I had a piece of toast where I cooked an egg in the middle. I threw in some sausage, spinach and tomatoes.
Happy Tuesday! 
P.S I can't wait for pretty little liars & Being Mary Jane tonight!! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and Gold

I've been rocking this colour combo since the start of the new year. I love the pairing of gold and black and this has been my arm candy lately. 
Other than that schools been kicking my butt, with calculus and statistic running my life and haven't had time to post more or simply slow down and chill. So bare with me these next 12 weeks are going to be killer, hopefully I can survive it lol. 
Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taupe by Danier

I love bags and I love getting a great deal. I got this bag 50% off during the Danier winter sale, its usually $200 i got it for $100. 
I lover the colour which is taupe and I've never had a bag this colour before. 
It had beautiful gold embellishments and can be used as either a long strapped shoulder bag or just on the wrist.
One of the best parts about Danier bags is that they are real leather for an affordable price and will last you a long long time. 
Thanks for reading and stay warm!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014 + New nail Equipment

Whoo it's finally 2014 a new year new start. Time to do thing you didn't last year and start fresh.
Do you have any new years resolutions? I don't really tend to make them, I just try to make my dreams a reality as cheesy as that might sound.

On to the new nail stuff. I recently bought these off eBay. I bought them for my friends as Christmas presents but I couldn't resist getting something for myself.
I got nail foils - 25 for $7, striping tape - 30 for $3, nail studs - $1 for each pack of studs 1000pc and dotting tool set $2.