Friday, August 3, 2012

Tokidoki Arte Palette Featuring Sandy in the City and Lion Pappa

This is the Tokidoki arte palettes this is my very first set of makeup from them. These were a great steal at sephora at only $6!! 
I know what an amazing price i couldnt pass it up. 
At first i was upset because i was hoping the colours in the palettes werent the same. They follow the same pattern and using this palette alone you can create a day and night look easily, each comes with 4 different eye shadows and a blush. 
For a great price and how compact they are it was a great deal and there very cute. The art is really colourful  and the signature of Tokidoki. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspirational Quotes about love and life

Today i came across some quotes that i thought you would like. I like quotes cause sometimes i cant explain what im feeling and i find quotes can say what i'm feeling the best. They can relate to such a broad spectrum of people. These are just some of the quotes i really liked enjoy!

As a person who like change and new experiences i can relate to this quote.


This is why i like to be the under dog, the feeling of proving someone wrong is amazing

Been told this, stand by this and i think its true

I had to throw a funny quote in here. But i here this so often by soo many guys i think i might use this line. HAHA

Im not a crier but this makes so much sense

Beautiful, if only more people thought this way

As a Canadian i agree with this 110%

I think everyone at some point in there life has felt like this

Explains fashion in 3 simple lines

DISNEY <3 p="p">


This quote says it all

Its all a part of love, that everyone goes throught

Pastel Striped Manicure

This is a very simple cute and girly manicure you can give yourself just by getting your favorite nail polishes. I choose these colour because not only do they go well together but also i really do love my blues, pinks and purples. To achieve this look I picked a base colour it can range from baby blue to lilac purple and then slowly start to I over lap to reach the look you desire. After each layer let the polish dry. And there you have it a cute girly summer manicure! Enjoy!