Saturday, August 31, 2013

Subtle gradient

Before fall really starts I have one last summery nail design for you all. This is a simple subtle gradient on my ring finger. I used a matte yellow from china glaze, a pink and a baby blue to achieve this look. 
Thanks for reading and more fall posts are coming!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Review: Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song (Smelly Tales And Other Disgusting Stories) by Jose Fernandez

I was asked by the author to help him out by giving his book a review and spreading the word about this funny and endearing children's book.

Very cute book, which I read to my 3 year old cousin, who thought it was funny that Arthur farted every time he sang. Loved the way it rhymed which sounded even better when read out loud.
Also I learnt a new slang for farting it's "pong". When I read the title I was wondering what a pong is.
Lesson: Be proud and sing no matter whose listening

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fallspiration: Stained Glass Agenda by Peter Pauper Press

I love the fall season with the change of the weather comes, cooler days, longer nights, school (sigh*), lattes, colourful leaves and BOOTS & trench coats.
I try to find different ways to incorporate my favourite season into my life in any possible way.
Today I will show you how I'm incorporating it into my school life.

I got this stained glass agenda from Chapters for $12. This caught my eye and it was history from there, even the cashier was memorized by the colours. It has pretty fall colours like gold, greens, reds and oranges. If you like this check out Chapters for others.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ombré hair

Yes I heard you and I know I'm late on this post practically a whole season late with September around the corner. But here it is. This was a huge summer hair trend last year and is still going strong this summer. I've had this ombre hair since April, only now I came around to take pictures. I did this ombre hair at home with the help of my friend. Thank god she didn't change my hair green lol. This is how my hair looks straighten, I like compared to my all black hair, it's fun way to lighten your hair for the hot weather. Maybe you have had this hair style or have seen many people with it.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Turquoise stone nails

Currently on my nails is this eye catching design that I've gotten many compliments on. Its very simply to recreate as well. Simply pick a turquoise base colour then using saran wrap dot gold nail polish over (on saran wrap paint on gold nail polish), then use the marble effect to get the black on your nails and there you have it. Fun, colourful cute design for summer or any time of the year. 

PS. Looking for fun ways to redecorate my room for the fall season, if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment. THANKS! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Get Away to Centre Island

My summer is never complete without taking a ferry across lake Ontario to the island. I live the ferry which allows me to see the beautiful skyline and feel the waters mist. There's lots to do from taking a dip, building sand castles, riding a tandem bike, playing in the park or simplying getting away from the city bustle and slow down. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Compilation of Food from the month on July

All meals were either made by me or my family. Hope you all enjoy this compilation of healthy dinners for the month of July.

Tilapia with bean sprouts and asparagus

Chicken and zucchini skewers with spanish rice

Cobb salad

Shrimp with basil and tomato paste

Thai food. Pineapple fried rice and chicken pad thai


5 bean salad with grilled chicken and asparagus and cauliflower

The very best from Nonna, penne pasta

Saturday, August 10, 2013

OOTD: Crop tops and High Waisted Jeans

This is is my OOTD for today taking retro 80's and 90's inspired trends with a stylish twist. One celebrity I take a lot of inspiration from is Rihanna her ever changing and fierce style. I got this royal blue crop top online its says "CHILL"  and the high waisted jeans I got from Garage. Hope you all liked my OOTD for today and stay tuned for more posts. 

I prefer the checkered top to be tied around my waist 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homemade Cobb salad

This is a brand new salad I tried recently. I've seen this salad so many times online and in recipe books so I thought I wondered if it tastes as good as it looks. All these delicious ingredients were laid on a bed of baby spinach (you could also use lettuce or are anything you like). From the back of this picture i have shredded cabbage, carrots, then avocado, turkey, tomato's and feta cheese. All together this was one the the prettiest salads I've ever made and it tasted equally good as well.If you try this out let me know.