Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm Back + Whats New

After a looonngg hiatus i'm back.
How was your New Years and Happy 2012! I have a feelings its going to be a good year :)
To be honest i got bored of blogger but lately i've realised its a new year why not start again and restart my fire and love for blogging. There's been a lot of changes since the last time and im now on goodreads. On goodreads i review and rate books, so check me out there at Chrissy <3 Dev (thats my user). Sine the last blog, i have graduated high school, i plan to travel soon and there a lot more im experiencing and growing as a person.
My song of the moment or for the past 3 months has been rihanna we found love
i have a lot of stuff to post so watch out for that!
till then :)

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