Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark

Number of pages:
Stars: 4 out of 5

This is my first book i've read from this author and her style of writing was similar to Rachel Hawthorne but her older books.

Its about a family reunion of old college buddies and their kids. This will be their last summer vacation before they all head off to college, where there parents once went, Linden college. Our main character Emily has had a crush on Spencer(one of her fathers friends kids) last vacation when they were together she admit how she felt towards him and he brushed her off. Feeling hurt and not wanting a repeat of what happened she sets her sights on a summer fling with the boys next door from down south. As she tries to get closer to Blake, Spencer is always there to ruin everything. When they both get caught in a storm they call their parents who set them up in a bed and breakfast. Now they're stuck with each other for a night where they will have to face the truth of what happened in the past and how they feel about each other.

It was a real easy read, I took 2 days to finish the book, which i loved. I loved how the author used a lot of sarcasium and jokes between the 2 lovers and their families, the writing was very witty and funny at times.

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