Monday, August 2, 2010

SIMPLE update!

Lately i have been all over the place or busy. Recently summer school has finished and i have been studing for it - it payed off cause I got a 100 on my exam and finished with a 92% in the class. So overall a pretty good summer school experiance ( i also met a bunch of cool people). I also have been reading a lot lately and looking for good books for the summer and the beginning of school (I like to read quite a bit). IF you have any suggestions please send them my way!!
And lastly I have been preparing and getting clothes etc, ready for a wedding that me and my family are attending. Which was this July 31st, boy was it ever long - the wedding alone was 4 hours and that was just the ceremony. It was sooo long that the reception was the very next day. Good thing it was a long weekend!
Yes now that all of that is over I can relax and START WORKING!
Yup there's no sleeping in the summer for me :P AHHH well
How has your summer been so far?

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