Friday, September 10, 2010


YUUHHH today is such a boring Friday, My pretty much glued to the T.V or listening to my ipod but other then that I'm pretty bored and there's ntohing to do. I've been listening to some random songs like right now I'm listening to Trey Songz - Missing You. What songs do you guys liked to listen to when  you have the bordom blues?
Lately I've been catching up on some missed out childhood shows and movies like Antastasia and Lilo and Stitch. What Disney movies do you like? I love to watch Disney movies when I'm really sick or bored, cuase the hapy songs and music puts my to sleep which is what you need sometimes.
It's finally an end to the first week of school and believe me when I say THANK GOD!! Firstly i had trouble getting out of bed since it's kind of chilly in the mornings, and then it feels like school just lasts forever during the day, but other then that it's been pretty mellow - no homework etc. Hopefully the new weeks bring more fun and excitement into my life.
I'm going to leave you with a funny moment from Lilo and Stitch, one of my favourite parts. ENjoy!!

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