Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Swatchers Life!

I decided because I was bored and I got a new nail polish or two, I could swatch them for ya.
The bluish turquoise colour is called " Turquoise" (great choice of name!) and the darker green is called "Jumping Jade" which is from the new Sally Hansen line called Insta-Dri. I cant remember how much the blue costs because I had it from a while ago, the Jade tho, is $ 4.97 at any Shoppers or Walmart.

I really love the green is close to the colour Emerald city by Xtreme Wear ($ 2.97) . The colour is a rich jade which a little bit of shimmer but it cant still look partically matte at times.

                                                 This is what the colours look like with flash.

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