Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Health Nut 101 💪🍌🍓🍊

Lately since school is done for me and i have a lot more time on my hands and summer is around the corner, I've felt compelled to try a healthier lifestyle. Not saying that i dont eat healthy all year around but I've never been one to go out of my way to eat clean for a WHOLE week. Since i can eat the way i want when i want and i can prepare and cook my meals, I've tried to eat healthier. Overall its been fun to experiment and try different foods as well say cook. To think my parents used to think i couldnt cook. TO PROVING PARENTS WRONG! Muahaha!
This is also a good way to learn to cook and try different foods. Due to this wee bit of change my family has also started to eat more green and healthier as well.
Below is some of breakfast options I've been eating. I wont lie tumblr has inspired me too!
Enjoy and dont get to hungry :) 

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