Friday, May 9, 2014

Decadence 2014

Last Thursday I went out to Guvernment to see David Guetta.
I always love a good rave and house music and Decadence 2014 was insanity!
It's basically a 5-6 hour rave you got the lights, fog, streamers and confetti. 
It's crazy and everyone was having a good time. 
David Guetta never disappoints and we we're right infront of the stage so David Guetta saw us going wild and pointed us out!! 
Overall a very good night and I wouldn't change it, and summer is just starting for me!
Below are some pictures of the night, thanks for reading.
My ootn, crop top from boohoo and black high waisted shorts from forever 21.

The man of the hour David Guetta 

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