Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review: Frost Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

This is another installment of the Women of the Otherworld series, book 10.

The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it’s downright deadly.Elena Michaels, the Pack’s chief enforcer, knows all too well the havoc “mutts” can wreak. When they hear of a series of gruesome maulings and murders outside Anchorage, she and her husband, Clay, journey to Alaska in the dead of winter in order to hunt down the dangerous werewolves. Trapped in this savage, untamed winter realm, she and Clay learn more about their own werewolf heritage than they bargained for, tapping a little more into the wild nature of the beast within.

I have just finished reading this book Frost Bitten and let me tell you it's what I expected from Kelley. Sure there was a lot of drama and emotions but some parts were very slow. To be honest i was falling asleep in my hamock at some parts in the book but never the less the book doesn't dissapoint. It includes every thing from: sexy men, drama, murder, rape, crime, assault and love. It is another good read for the summer for those who are interested but overall not one of my favourites by her.

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