Saturday, October 9, 2010

MY Dream Shoes: Sam Edelman "Lorissa"

I was shopping and looking at the new shoes for the fall season and I just happened to also be thinking of prom (which I was suppose to be a part of) and I saw the most amazing heels that just have to be mines!! Usually for females anyway theres that one piece of clothing or accessory that you just have to have and mines are these heels. Most girls pick out there dress first then the heels but, I'm kinda the opposite :P. So the moment we have all been waiting for the heels are by Same Edelman black suede heels called "Lorissa."  Not only are they a beautiful piece of art work but, also look so different and interesting, that I bet anything that if you were to wear these at a party you would definitely stand out.

I don't know I just loved how different they are and if its not your thing then tell me what heels you do love.

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