Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue and Bronze water marble

So I've got a new design to share with y'all and it was a good excuse to stop studying for the night! :P
I've been trying this out for a while, and all though its takes a while to get used to and its a lot of work compared to doing you nails normally it's worth the time. Especially when your getting compliments at school. BOO YA!
So enjoy this look and try it your self.

Sorry for the crappy pics of the design my camera is out of commission and i took this with my phones 2 megapixal camera.
But i think you get the idea.

Here are the steps:
  1. Put tape around your nail for easy cleanup
  2. in a cup put distilled water or in my case water from a bottle(this is what you put your nail polish in)
  3. Find colours that will spread out and stay on top of the water. (I find Sally Hansan and Nicole work best)
  4. next work back and forth with two or as many colours as your want (you want to make like a bulls eye)
  5. then take a tooth pick and create a design in the water but dragging the toothpick across the nail polish
  6. stick your nail into the nail polish floating in the water
  7. And theres your water marble nail design
OHH and one last thing i've been listening to this song the whole weekend.

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