Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Screaming Season Possessions # 3

This is the last and final instalment of the Possession Trilogy. And Nancy Holder doesnt hold back. She bring the scary and creepy to a whole new level. Who will survive the ghost possession and who wont? Who can you trust? And who is the Marlwood stalker?

Linsday is back at Marlwood for the final time with a mission in mind, she has to get rid of Celia. She can no longer look at her reflection and she is going insane with Celia in her body. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means forming an alliance with her enemy Mandy. In this third instalment, they battle together to get rid of the ghosts of Marlwood who have reeked havoc on the grounds of Marlwood for years. There are many new alliances formed and surprise such as Lindsay will team up with Miles (Mandy's brother) for the better good. Her Ex makes a surprise entrance and her best friend Julie turns her back on her. And there is a new psychiatric at Marlwood, is he there for the good or for evil, adn what is this new character really up too?
The other thing i didn't really like was the issue with Troy it was never really clearup about what happened, so we are just left to assume things.
I thinks the best part of the book was the end or is it the end? I dont want to spoil it but lets just say i was like WTF, HOLY SHIT! Just for the end alone it is worth the read.
Nancy Holder has to be one of my fav author and she doesn't fail to impress me in her style of written and story lines. There are always original and fresh. I have to wonder where she comes up with her creepy ideas to write books like these.

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