Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joes nail polish and Nail Deco

Whooooo I felt like the much needed shop therapy and went out and did just that but on a much cheaper scale. Joe fresh has a nail polish line and I got one yesterday I have yet to swatch it and see how it works. For those that don't know about Joes it is associated with Loblaws, it sells clothing, shoes etc. The are sold for $ 4 a bottle or 3 for $10 which is a really nice deal! Also I've been into 3-D designs so I went out to the dollar store and saw these decorative beads which will work perfectly on my nails. Next week I will use them in a design. But this is a really cheap way to design your nails this pack of 6 different coloured beads only cost me $1.50 where as at micheals it would cost $7-14. But that is basically all I got. That's all for now enjoy!

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