Saturday, March 24, 2012

I rant!

I planned to post so many new things this weekend and now I can't because I don't even have a weekend anymore. I work 9 hours today!! And on top of that I have a crapload of homework and that's not even the worst part! The worst part is we have been getting summer like weather and I have to be stuck indoors. . . I mean SERIOUSLY just my luck!?!
Oh but it doesn't stop there, I was hoping to get new books to review and read and just to keep myself happy but I can't do that either because all the library staff is on strike in Toronto.
And the absolute worst part of having to work is that fact I can't even do my nails! How will I keep my sanity! Slowly tryna cope. I just had to rant lol
Have a great weekend and use it to the fullest :)

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