Monday, April 9, 2012

Neon Splatter Nails

I saw this as a cute design for summer, but i had to try this as soon as i can. When i Googles nail art i never once saw this neon splatter so i might as well be one of the first (unless i didnt google hard enough :S)
 This was a really and fun easy manicure to accomplish its just very messy.

 These are the neon colours i used to get this look on my nails
This is what your nails will look like at first so make sure you colour the floor with newspaper and around your nail with tape to make clean up easier. To do this all i got were my nail polishes lined up and ready to use and then i got a straw to use to blow the nail polish on my nails. First i dipped the straw into the bottle directly and blowed the straw aiming at my nails. The faster you blow into the straw the less bigger blobs of polish you will get. in the end you will get a colourful and fun looking manicure.

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