Friday, February 28, 2014

Brandy Melville outlet sale

Brandy Melville made big news over instagram when they announced their Spring sale. When I got their with my friend at the international centre it seemed things had calmed down. All though there weren't as many options as I would have liked to seen, I still managed to find some really cute things for spring and summer. The best part about Brandy Melville is that you never have to search for sizes - one size fits all.

All of their jewelry were a $1. Sadly all that was left were a couple of bracelets but no complaints here.

These cute floral shorts were I swear the last pair I saw and I had to have them. They are stretchy and were only $5. I can easily pair these with a simple cami and throw a jeans jacket over.

Im not usually skirt person, seriously! If im being honest I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt but something about this pattern got me. I saw this same pattern online and I've been wanting one for a while. I would wear this kinda in punk rock fashion with see through black tights, leather jacket and a graphic cropped tee. The skirt is high waisted and was only $5

This dress "Rin" I saw online and is $33 I got this for $10 and was probably the most expensive item I bought. It has a low back and the straps criss cross with a cutout on the side. Link to see how to dress looks on.

I've had my eye on this top because I love simple big loose tops that I put anything with and it will just work. A simple part of jeans, toque and your good to go. This top was $5 and has little slits along the front for some added detail.

The rest below are just a couple of crop tops and muscle tees. All were $5

Overall it was an amazing day. I got some really great deals, felt like a shopping pro and finished off my day with pho and green tea (Im in heaven)
Good friends, good food, good fun!

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