Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Origins super spot remover

In the beauty world this is said to be an amazing product that literally is a miracle worker.
The Origins Super Spot remover is said to help banish those unwanted acne for that gorgeous skin.
This product has a huge cult following and all that I've read online have only been positive things about it.
So what's my opinion?

It does the job! I was really curious about the hype and the results people said they saw, so I had to go out and try it out for myself. 
It's a very small bottle, in pictures it looks a lot bigger. It come out in a clear gel form.
When I bought this I didn't have any bumps or acne to test it on, so I hoped to get something so I could properly test it (Who would've though I would be hoping to get acne LOL)

Once it's on your skin it feels cool and tingles for a bit. Then you don't realize it's there. It drys and flakes, after about 20 minutes I wash it off. 
BEWARE: if your expecting it to work after one use your going to be disappointed. Use the product for 1-3 times a day for results.

I truly enjoyed this product and I'm happy to own it. You don't need to use a lot to get results and this bottle will last you for months to come. At $17.50 it seems expensive but for the amount it is worth the price.

Thanks for reading!

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