Monday, June 23, 2014

7 Souls

Author: Barnabas Miller
Stars: 4 out of 5

Back of the Book
Mary expected her seventeenth birthday to be a blowout to remember, courtesy of her best friends, fellow New York City prepsters Amy and Joon, and her doting boyfriend, Trick.
            Instead, the day starts badly and gets worse. After waking up in a mortifying place with a massive, unexplainable hangover, Mary soon discovers that nobody at school is even aware that it's her birthday. As evening approaches, paranoia sets in. Mary just can't shake the feeling that someone is out to get her—and, as it turns out, she's right. Before the night is over, she's been killed in cold blood.
            But murder is just the beginning of Mary's ordeal. Her soul gets trapped in a strange limbo, and she must relive the day of her death through the eyes of seven people—each of whom, she finds, had plenty of reasons to hate her. As Mary explores the mysteries of her world, discovering secrets that were hidden in plain sight while she was alive, she clings desperately to the hope that she can solve her own murder, change the past, and—just maybe—save her own life.

My Review
Mary wakes up, but as someone else. Scott whom she uses to get homework answers from, she relives the day she dies but from Scotts perspective. She also learns that in Scotts bag she had tape and rope that was used to hang Joon that deadly night. Is Scott the killer?Mary wakes up as Joon, Dylan, Patrick herself and Ellen (her sister). These people are all apart of a ritual of 7 souls that take part in humiliating, betraying and ridding their life of this person. In this case it's Mary, she learns about how she affected the people she once thought of as close friends and family and how much they truly hate her. To Mary surprise she learns how to be selfless and help the people she has affected most in her life.

Mary wakes up in a strange bed and beyond display naked for the world to see. It's her birthday and she can't remember how she got there and who she was with last night. The rest of the day none of her friends remember her birthday, her bf breaks up with her and to top it off she has some strange marks on her back of three lines moving diagonal. Also Mary keeps seeing weird shadows and visions of a house. 
Later Mary is surprised by her bf with a surprise party that soon turns scary and deadly. One of the guys brings a guy and is asked to leave the party, which her bff leaves with. Mary soon receives a text from her bff Joon to help her. When Mary arrives at the location Joon is at with her other BFF Amy she realizes this is the place she has been seeing all day in her visions. Someone is out to get Mary but before Mary can figure out who it is she is shot in the head. 

The ending is not what you would expect, what happens to Mary started 10 years ago when her father died and their lives changed forever. SPOILER ALERT!!! Ellen is the person that shoots Mary in the head and was also the ring leader for the scheme. 

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