Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ruffled Fiesta Nail Design

With exam week finally done and written my last exam Friday I just had to do my nails. I've been through withdrawal the past week trying to keep focus on studying and not designing my nails.
So right after all of that I had to try a new design. I was inspired by chalkboard nails, when I stumbled across her tumbler and her beautiful designs. This design caught my eye and I recreated it but in my own way. I named these based on south America and the salsa dresses I've seen.

To do this simple nail design all i got were the colours i wanted to use and then i used my dotting utensil which in my case was the end of a bobby pin and started to put dots start across my nail in rows of colours. You contiune to do that and you will see the effect, its really pretty for the summer.

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