Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Out in the field + Teen Wolf Shocker

Yesterday I had my lab at Black creek just behind my school. Since this is my last lab of the year (yeah!) it's kinds bittersweet, I've been working with these ladies since September. It just made me realize that the year was a stressful one but it also went by really fast.
Below are just some pick of our site that we took out data from. 

My lab partners are in the creek getting our velocity points from the water movements.

In their fancy gear 

My lab selfie lol

In other news I am a huge Teen wolf fan and I was literally in shock when Allison Argent died in Mondays episode. It was rumored all season that a main character would die but I never thought it would be her. It was a sad way to say goodbye to a character. The part that really was sad is Allison died in the arms of her first love and her last line was "I've always loved you."This was so huge it was trending on twitter for over a day and a half. Crystal Reed is an amazing actor and I wish her good luck and success in her career. 

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