Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spinach and Ham Omelet

I love to start my day with a good breakfast. Usually I'm out of the house by 8am, but if I can wake up and make something I will. This has been one of my favourite breakfasts lately. Ever since I saw how Chef Micheal Simon made a simple feta & spinach omelet I've been hooked. 

This is really simple and easy to make and the best part is it only takes one pan and you can easy leave it on the stove top on low and start packing your bags for the day with out having to check it or flip it.
 What I do:
 1.beat two eggs, season how you like
2.add it to a hot pan
3. pull the edges in to the center so the runny egg can go to the pan and cook
4. add what ingredients you like to one side of the egg ( I chose baby spinach leaves, green onions, havarti cheese and ham slices)
5. fold egg and keep on low
6. EAT!

The tomatoes I learnt from my Italian friends Nonna (technically my nonna too!). She cuts the tomato in half, drizzle olive oil over, some chopped basil and garlic and there you have it. Pretty simple and soooooo delicious.

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